Good Things

In the newspapers Haarlems Dagblad and the IJmuider Courant, NWT receives a resplendent mention by Intraplus!
You can read the complete text in Dutch on the Dutch language site of NWT. Here follows part of the article:

‘In this region we are the only partner of New Way Technology. This company has developed an organic coating on the basis of nano-hybrid-technology. The coating is water, oil and dirt repellent and remains breathing. When you apply the coating on for example roof glass, dirt and moisture do not attach to the glass anymore. But there is also a special anti-graffiti coating. When your property is painted with graffiti after coating, you can remove it with water and a sponge. The building sector can mix a coating or rather additive, through the concrete preventing concrete cancer. Untreated wood and cardboard become fire retardent after coating. The coating itself cannot be seen with the naked eye, is elastic and at the same time rock hard. Not to be removed by even a high pressure spray.’


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